if a picture is worth 

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...make them the most impactful.

Your image is the face of your company and most recognizable aspect of your brand. Consumers make decisions based on the emotional connection they have with that brand; it only makes sense to have the most up-to-date professional image representing you. 




About Us

Atlanta based headshot and portrait photographer, Daniel Barnett, began studying photography in the mid-nineties using film cameras and a darkroom. In 2007, while studying business, he saw the demand for studio work in the Nashville market and began developing his lighting knowledge. Today he uses the skills, knowledge, and principles developed over the last 25 years to capture premium quality images for his clients. 

Laura Barnett is also a skilled photographer and videographer; focussing primarily on product photography and business marketing solutions. Her attention to detail and her eye for composition as become a driving element in the growth of their business. On headshot and portrait shoots you will likely see her masterfully helping clients pose in flattering positions, and reviewing images for any changes. 

Together the two form the perfect union of photographer and director of photography. They have created a system that makes the process easy on the client and also delivers a product that is consistent with the needs and uses of the images.  Fill out the contact form to schedule a consult today or book directly from their booking page without delay. 


Our goal is to make sure that the most recognizable part of your brand is tack sharp. We customize each session to you using our own studio or create a set at your home or office. Each headshot session is tailored to the client based on the intended use of the images. Executive portraits can be created individually or as a group. We carefully customize each session to maximize the results and minimize the impact on the business during the process.

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Whether you need to tell the story of your business or just need to promote a new product on social media we can create something that answers your need. Our goal is to tell compelling stories using video and photography that connect you with your target. Give us a call today for a free consultation and let's get started growing your brand.

Recently I began a job search and needed to update my social media presence to better compete in the marketplace. Since I am very uncomfortable having my picture taken, I contacted my good friends Daniel and Laura. The shoot was fun and relaxed, and his technical skills made the photographs look great. I highly recommend Daniel Barnett Photography, they are great to work with and produce a very professional result.

made the photographs look great."

"...his technical skills

Chris Wood
C. Andrew Wood, CPA

I hired Dan and Laura for my headshots and am extremely happy with the results. Having a photography background myself, I am especially critical. Not only do they have extensive knowledge when it comes to lighting and how to properly use it, they also have great client communication so that there is no question about what your goals are for your particular photography session. They both have an extremely critical eye and they complement each other wonderfully which results in great photographs. I would highly recommend them for any photography needs.

i would highly recommend them"

"...I am especially critical.


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